Looking at the world from my small rural acres in the Blue Ridge.

Storing food for use all summer and fall; the Spring House

Last weekend I harvested the carrot and beets before they got buggy in the ground.  The Elephant Garlic is out of the ground and we dug all the potatoes.  Here they are in our 1911 Spring House – staying relatively cool for use all the rest of the summer and fall – although the garlic usually will last the winter.  I’ll seed more carrots and beets for fall harvest but in the mean time we will have plenty of carrots, beets, onions, and potatoes.

left to right; carrots, beets, onions, Elephant Garlic, potatoes (Red Norland, Yukon Gold)

This is one of the real fun parts of gardening; puttin’ food by!   Shopping in the pantry and cellar.  You can’t beat it.