Looking at the world from my small rural acres in the Blue Ridge.

My garden progress report for Summer 2010

In the empty soil days of winter and early spring my imagination fills the spaces with row upon row of veggies.  A pile of seed catalogues lives by my chair and I could spend far more $$$$$ then is in my garden budget.  Then I have to come down to earth, order seeds, and get to work in the greenhouse and the soil.

Now it’s early August and in the reality of late summer it’s time to look to see where  I got this season – and begin to plan for next summer.

Winter with its snow cloak (Feb 2010)

The earliest planting of potatoes

Mid May: potatoes and onions are up.

First early summer harvest; beets, carrots and not pictured the 2 bushels of potatoes, a bushel each of Elephant Garlic and onions.

My garden yesterday morning!  I’m picking tomatoes, cucumbers, collards, pigion peas, zucchini, sweet peppers, yellow beans.

And here is some of the fresh bounty we’ve been harvesting.  So far I’ve put up 21 jars of canned tomatoes.    I’m so happy because last year the weather played me false and I had to buy  tomatoes for canning!