Schools Walking: A Practical Way to Exercise With Our Children

Over and over I read about how we MUST get our children away from the television and doing regular exercise. This at a time when many kids no longer have scheduled physical education classes during the school day and to many live in neighborhoods where playing outside is iffy.
So here’s an idea.
How about every morning, in every school (k-12) nationwide, all the students, the entire faculty, all the secretaries, the custodians, everyone, walk for a mile out and a mile back or two miles around the track if there is one. I repeat, everyone. Lock the doors, put on their walking shoes and no matter the weather all-together walk those two miles. No body gets to weenie out. Keep extra walking shoes, and winter coats on hand for folks who try to finagle out when they’ve worn inappropriate clothes. It does not take long to walk a brisk two miles so it won’t delay the start of the school day by very much.
Why everyone? Because kids recognize overweight school administrators and teachers when they see them. And why should kids have to exercise when the adults sit on their all too often overweight butts? It’s both unfair to ask of the kids and deeply hypocritical to boot.
Before the project begins do a base line health evaluation on everybody –- blood pressure, cholesterol, that sort of data — and what do you bet that after a full school year of 10 miles a week there would be a hell of a lot of difference for everyone concerned. We know that exercise is best, especially for women, in the morning. It’s great appetite control for the adults. The student’s would begin their day energized and ready to learn.
Is there a school out there that will take up my challenge?