My Day at Indigo House

At 8 o’clock this morning while sipping my first cup of coffee this is what my central work area looked like. Beginning at the far top left are the four loaves of sourdough raising (I kneaded them and got them in their pans as the coffee dripped so I could gloat over them). Move right-ish at the back you see the camera on its tripod that I am doing my best to learn how to use. Yesterday I fucked up and lost all the footage on making Almond Biscotti cause I made a mistake with the card thingy. (That’s the level of my tech speech!) I did end up with about 6 dozen Biscotti in any case.

There on the right of the island are the two seeding flats ready to be seeded and put on the heat mat. These will be my warm weather crops: tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, summer squash, marigolds, zinnias, nasturtium. Come around to the front corner and it’s my homemade Lorne sausage sizzling away ready to have an egg added to the pan.

Just as I finished my breakfast the grandson arrived to work on raised bed #2. It is incredible to watch him dig and fling shovelful after shovelful! So rather than stand and admire I did some much needed weeding. The tiny Filberts, the Gooseberry and the Elderberries had weeds beginning their insidious invasion. I went on to the blueberry bed. Suddenly the daughter arrived and helped with adding mulch cloth and pine bark mulch around each bush! Oh, the pear tree my son and I pruned in mid-winter not only bloomed spectacularly but has now set fruit!!! We stood in the brisk and chilly wind speaking dreamily of our love of pear preserves, pear pie, pears and yogurt, pears and pears!! Oh, yes and Peary Cider – which a neighbor up the Cove makes every year.

Yes, I got those seeds in and on the heat pad. I did get the sourdough loaves baked, and did a bit of scrolling through FB. I also did some mending and patching for the daughter and grandson; I do like hand sewing with thimble, needle and thread! The other day I passed on my cotton fabric, thread, and elastic to a neighbor who is making masks.

And so we all work through these days. May you and all your family be well.